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Goals? - Strangelyluke

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Change is inevitable, everything we do changes something whether its the air we breath or picture we just uploaded to Flickr, Everything changes. Just like we change our environments us as human being must change in order to progress and move forward, when we have a goal we strive to accomplish it because we know that once it is achieved we are closer to the person we want to be and even closer to the life we want. 

Recently I have enrolled into a Film Course on the south side of Brisbane which starts in a couple of weeks, this is a change in my life which i feel will propel me further towards my goal of becoming a professional filmmaker. I do have a slight fear of returning to the education system as it has been over a year since I did any form of study, the main concern being that I may not have the self discipline to be able to give it my full attention and effort. That being said I am excited for the opportunities it will give me if I complete it, the benefits and rewards that will in return come from this change in my life will be far better than if i had remained doing what I am currently doing. But this alone is not a lot of change by itself, and the reason why this post is about change is because I have a lot more happening in my life. 3 of my best friends have moved elsewhere and I am now having to surround myself with new people that I am not used to being around. my computer is regrettably broken and this as a result makes it impossible to edit any new videos. on top of this I have also lost my drivers  licence for 3 months which may seem like a while but it was the best option that I could have chosen given the circumstances. Finally I am quitting work which is going to majorly impact my finances and having just recently moving to a new house, this is going to be a test. I find myself revisiting old success workbooks that help me manage my schedules, timetables along with my finances and income. but the most important thing for me to remember is that change is inevitable and the only way we can get anywhere in life is by choosing what we change for the better. time is constant and always goes at the same speed so do not give up on something because of the amount of time it will take. the only thing that grows in your life is what you focus on and give attention to, I know what my goal is and how i can get to that goal, now all there is to do is focus and give it attention and it will become reality.

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Dan looks back on his lifetime of mistakes to help answer your questions! In the Internet Support Group.

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Welcome (by NormallyLuke) 

The normal everyday Luke begins

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Strangelylukes Non-HarlemShake

Also i have a new youtube channel :D

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Impossible is just a big word used by small men who find it easier to live in the small world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. - Muhammad Ali

Ever had a bad Idea? Well here are 5 of mine. (:P)

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